Order Upload

To quickly and easily add item(s) to your cart, download our template. After modifying the template, upload the document as an Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file. This will add your listed items to the cart.

Upload a File

Upload Instructions

  1. Download our template document
  2. Create your spreadsheet from our template
    1. Keep Row 1 Headers as listed in the template.  Begin adding your information starting at Row 2
      • The "Include First Row Column Heading" option should remain checked on the Order Upload page
    2. Column A should include item numbers
    3. Column B should include the quantity requested
    4. Column C should include unit of measure
      • This column is optional, but if not specified we will apply the default unit of measure for the item
  3. Save the file in XLS, XLSX or CSV format
    1. If using XLS or XLSX format, make sure all cells are formatted to "Text" format before saving
  4. From this page, select "Choose File" and select the document to upload
  5. Click "Upload File"
  6. Once the file has successfully uploaded, you will see the items in your cart update.  A success message will also display indicating the number of items that have been added to your cart
There is a file maximum of 500 rows