About Us

GCG makes connections possible by powering, connecting, building, and protecting the valuable assets and critical infrastructures that sustain and grow businesses and communities. We have been in the telecommunications and broadband industries since 1991 and have grown successfully by providing products and services to support many of the industries emerging technologies. Our complete line of solutions, national distribution network, extensive supply chain, and technical expertise offer reliable solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness to benefit our customers' business.

GCG Communications broad product line has enabled many of our customers to consolidate their purchase orders and bring cost savings and efficiencies to their supply chains. We know supply chain and inventory management are essential to assisting our customers. We manage long material lead times and maintain proper inventory levels to ensure we have the right material ready. By leveraging our facilities and expertise in inventory management, our customers have a partner that will help anticipate lead times and manage their inventory levels. GCG Communications can help reduce inventory risks, total cost of ownership, and costs associated with returns, obsolete, excess, and scrap inventory.

GCG Communications is an ISO9001 and AS9002 certified company. Our Quality Standards and processes are some of the most reliable in the industry. Our solutions support independent telephone companies, RUS plow contractors, utilities, municipalities, electrical co-ops, wireless providers and their contractors, tower owners, ILEC’s and CLEC’s.

GCG's business process is backed by our ability to offer EDI and electronic trading solutions to our customers and vendors. These processes include order transmission, order entry, order acknowledgment, advanced ship notice, invoicing, and payment. 

GCG has segments meeting the wire and cable needs of customers across a broad spectrum of industries. GCG has well-respected brands including ElectroWire, Empire, Connect-Air, and Seacoast. The company serves telephone, wireless, and DAS customers and customers in rail and transit, factory automation, and building automation. GCG also has cable assembly operations and is proud to be a leading wire and cable provider to the U.S. Navy.